Recommended Reading

The Global Cyber Academy offers a list of recommended texts and books to get your head into before and during many of our courses. Take a look below. 

Social Media and Crisis Communication (2017)

Austin, L and Jin, Y

American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt For The Criminal Mastermind Behind The Silk Road (Portfolio) (2017)

Bilton, N.

The Security Consultant’s Handbook (Ely: IT Governance Press) (2015)

Richard Bingley

Available Here

Cyber War: The Next Threat To National Security And What To Do About It (USA: Harper Collins) (2010)

Richard Clark and Robert Knake

Available Here

Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies (London: W&N) (2015)

Gordon Corera

Available Here

@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex (USA: Eamon Dolan/Mariner Books) (2015)

Shane Harris

Available Here

A Manager’s Guide to Business Continuity Incidents for Cyber Security Incidents, The Business Continuity Management Institute (2017)

Heng, G.M

Available Here

CISSP For Dummies (USA: John Wiley & Sons) (2018)

Lawrence Miller and Peter Gregory

Available Here

Incident Response & Computer Forensics (3rd Ed.), McGraw Hill Education (2014)

Luttgens T., Pepe., M. and Mandia, K.,

Cyber War Will Not Take Place, London: Hurst (2017)

Thomas Rid

Law for Computing Students, (BookBoon or Ventus of Denmark) (2017)

Geoffrey Sampson

Available Here

Digital Forensics and Investigations: People, Processes and Technologies (CRC Press) (2018)

Sachowski, j.

Practical Malware Analysis (No Starch Press) (2012)

Sikorski, M and Honig, A.,