Summer School

Welcome to the Global Cyber Academy Summer School

1-14 July 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

15-28 July 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

29 July –11 August 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

12– 26 August 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

Do you want to travel to Prague to learn a useful skill and prepare yourself for European life? Do you want to mix with, and learn, from the very best of European business society?

Hosted at Prague’s best business hotel, and just a few minutes’ walk away from Prague’s stunning old city centre, our GCA Cyber Summer School provides a fun range of tech security learning, security centre site visits, and other visits to Prague’s iconic landmarks.

If you wish to use your educational visit to also learn English, and English Business Management, extra free classes are provided by our qualified, on-site Business English university academics.

A dinner at a famous Prague restaurant … mixing with business leaders, politicians and diplomats … and an entertaining guest lecture, provided by a former British intelligence officer, will be provided at the end of our unique course programme.

Our ‘High-Five’ Promise To You!

2 educational trips, including to iconic Czech locations, including the tragic Terezin Concentration Camp, as well as famous political and academic venues in Prague

Coach trip to Dresden to learn about the University and German commerce

40 hours of classroom tutoring with qualified British academics, real-life hackers, and cyber investigators. Optional University Preparation and Business English classes for our overseas students. Class size maximum: 14

Level 3 Diploma in Cyber Security (on completion of coursework) and signed Certificate of Completion for all students by our Advisory Council Chairman

Teaching at Prague’s top modern business hotel and very nearby accommodation

About Our Tutors

1-14 July 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

15-28 July 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

29 July –11 August 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

12– 26 August 2019 (15-18 years-old and Adult Learners)

Our tutors are fully-qualified business tutors or technologists. Here is a summary of their high-level experience:

Richard Bingley: Spent several years in security and communications roles including for Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government. He is now a qualified British academic and multiple published book author is fields of information security and business management. Richard is a direct descendant of Sir Richard Bingley, Constable of Doe Castle, and Sir Ralph Bingley. Both were knighted by King James I of England (1603-25).

Graeme McGowan: Spent 30 years in British intelligence services, a technical director to leading London multinational firms, GMG now teaches companies and students how to be cyber secure.

Ze’ev Portner: Former chief of staff to a British Member of Parliament, worked also for a Middle East peace negotiator, Mr Portner is now a British university academic in investigations, employment law, government and politics.

Tereza Jandackova: Former police officer and fluent English business tutor, Mrs Jandackova is now leading the Global Cyber Academy division for Central and East Europe and has extensive experience in the region’s strongest business networks 

Be Safe And Secure: Our Pastoral Care For Minors

We love to welcome parents and guardians to the first day of our Summer programmes. Separate room accommodation and dining can be provided. For all external trips, a licensed security officer accompanies the group.

An In Case of Emergency (ICE) number is provided at the outset to all students and parents/guardians. Our co-ordinators run and monitor a dedicated student cohort WhatsApp group to ensure sound organisation, safety and security.

All tutors are fully CRB checked and compliant. For Diplomats and VIPs and siblings fully licensed private personal security can be provided upon request (additional stipend upon request).


Residential v non-residential?

We’re delighted to provide full-board, luxury lodgings and pastoral care in Prague City Centre for two weeks for an inclusive stipend of: £3,999

We’re delighted to offer the full programme of teaching and trips for two weeks at an inclusive stipend of: £2,999