Our Director

Richard Bingley

Richard Bingley is a multiple published book author on security and national resilience issues. He is founder of the Global Cyber Academy, a former university senior lecturer, and government communications manager. Richard’s PhD studies are located at a top-ranking UK university Business School, where he specialises in business leadership approaches in conflict zones.

Academic Profile

Studying for a PhD in Management at Leeds University Business School – a top-ranked UK ‘Russell Group’ institution, triple accredited by AACSM, AMBA and EQUIS. My research topic examines entrepreneurial leadership approaches – including a key focus on individual and organizational resilience – within conflict zones (using three areas as field research locations). Awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) from 2013. Post-Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching Higher Education (Buckinghamshire New University, 2012-13). MA International Studies, Leeds University (2001). BSc Politics, University of Plymouth (1996).

Course Leader: MA Leadership and Management, Buckinghamshire New University (2014-17)

Course Designer and lead validation academic for the International MBA (2015-17)

Course Leader: BA (Hons) Security Management, Buckinghamshire New University (2012-16)

Course Tutor: MBA, MSc Organisational Resilience, BA (Hons) Organisational Capability


Book Publications: 

Bingley, R. (2015) The Security Consultant’s Handbook, Ely: IT Governance Press

Bingley, R. (2003) Terrorism: Just The Facts, Heinemann: New York

Bingley, R. (2003) Arms Trade: Just The Facts, Heinemann: New York


Upcoming Books:

Bingley, R. (2020) Cyber Security in the Boardroom, Ely: IT Governance Press


Journals and Papers:

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