What Do Our Experts Cover?

Module 1

Examples of mass personal data breaches – implications for victims including minors

Case study: Equifax 

Demonstration: DB vulnerabilities

Module 2

How we develop a Data Security strategy and what should be in it?

Case study: tools to store and encrypt data

Demonstration: Software tools and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Module 3

How we ‘map out’ data and conduct EU GDPR risk assessments

Case study: Mapping GDPR and translating data streams into a risk assessment matrix

Demonstration: Live exercise in developing corporate data risk assessments

Module 4

Managing data consent, informed consent and reporting procedures: auditing consents and permissions

Case study: major firm goes through several litigation streams

Module 5

Project Management of data security

Case study: Compiling a team and working with CERTs

Module 6

Investigations, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Case study: Major web services provider attacked by information warfare gang

About our Senior Tutors:

Our tutors are all experienced business sector data security experts. Our Senior Tutor is a highly experienced Risk-Management and Project Management sector leader. She is also a fully qualified GDPR specialist and Data Protection Officer (DPO).

    Online Course Key Points:

    • Rights and Concepts
    • Key Data Protection Roles
    • Legal Frameworks, Restrictions and Implementation
    • Security Countermeasures and Mitigation
    • Developing an EU GDPR Business Toolkit and Compliance Plan

    About EU GDPR

    Free Podcast

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation came into force in May 2018. It doesn’t matter where you operate in the world … if you hold personal data on EU citizens, and that data is breached or mismanaged, bosses and organisations could face fines of up to 20m Euros or 4% of annual revenue … whichever is greater.

    Changes to Data Protection laws cover EU and non-EU countries alike. These changes include shorter disclosure times (72 hours), active proof of ‘consent’, recruitment of formal Data Protection Officers, strengthening the ‘right to be forgotten’, and 150+ other strict legal requirements.

    Preparing and Responding to EU GDPR

    Every company that holds data about EU citizens will be impacted by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Our GCA certified course, conducted by leading UK Information Security specialists, will prepare companies for data compliance as well as for crisis management responses. Firms and government institutions face fines of up to 20m Euros or 4% of annual revenue companies if they lose EU citizens personal data. Companies that can demonstrate full awareness and staff training efforts, are likely to cushion the punishment!