Cyber Security SOS: Schools Online Safety

About The Course

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The cyber world is an exciting place but we all need to be safer online.

Presented by top British security agents, this online cyber security course will take up to one hour and you will hopefully pass with a British cyber security certificate from the Global Cyber Academy.

It will prepare you, your family and school friends to avoid the dangers caused by online criminals, and help you to become much safer online. (We can’t promise you’ll become cyber bulletproof!)

What Do Our Experts Cover?

Section One – Threat & Risk

Like a lot of security operations training, this program is divided into two parts. Section One is about the threats and risks that you face. You’ll have to step into the shoes of a security agent and identify these threats.

Section Two – cyber self-defence toolkit

Section Two is about developing your cyber self-defence toolkit: it is filled with clever methods to protect your mobile devices, apps and home computer networks. Like lots of good personal security, it’s also about keeping self-discipline and helping others around you to become safer too.


This course programme is crammed with exciting and fun exercises. But it also includes some rather worrying information videos. By completing this short course, you will learn the basics of a cyber security agent. Hey! We might even ask you to become the cyber security ambassador for your family. We will also link our top performing agents up to future courses and career ideas.

“This course is literally like taking your driving lessons and driving test in cyber security. It’s fantastic!”

Nick Harris

Computer Science Student, Lancaster University