Business Beginners in Cyber Security

About The Course

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Basic, providing general user and management training. This course works on an open enrolment system, this means you can enrol any time, any place. Click and start … learners don’t have time to wait!

EU GDPR is basically covered. Tutors all with senior frontline cyber security practitioner experience.

What Do Our Experts Cover?

Module 1: Cyber Security: What is ‘Hacking’?

– What is a Cyber Attack?

– What is ‘Hacking’?

– Case studies in Hacking

– Malicious v non-malicious: understanding the boundaries

– How are our homes and businesses vulnerable to hacking?

Module 2: Cyber Attack Methods

– Top Threats to businesses and business communities

– Learning from the 2017 ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack

– Targeted vs untargeted attacks: why it’s good to know who’s attacking us

– Most popular types of hacking methods in Wi-Fi environments

– How to tell we’ve been hacked

Module 3: Laws and Regulations

– Computer Crime Laws; How have they been applied against hackers?

– Computer Misue, Data Protection and Fraud laws


– USA laws

– What can all employees do about protecting our personal and workplace data?

Module 4: Mobile Data

– Main risks to mobile devices

– Calculating the loss of our mobile data

– Internet of Things

– IoT: What’s the right security strategy?

– Solutions for protecting mobile devices

Module 5: Cyber Security Solutions

– Personal attitudes to computer use and how to change them

– Physical security measures that can benifit cyber security

– Personnel and process-driven security measures that can benefit cyber security

– Training and further development

– Design your own cyber security toolkit


For further details and recommended reading please go to our Specification: Guidance for Learners published by our awarding body, Qualifi Ltd. This can be downloaded from our website.

For all of our programmes, students are supported by Cyber Security field academics and practitioners. Each of our tutors has been employed in senior information and cyber security roles with Government, Police forces and/or global business enterprises.

Our experianced tutor team bring these employment networks into their teaching. How? By inviting you to relevant events (see our Events section below) and uploading the latest industry reports.

Practical study will be enhanced by our in-house Subject Matter Expert tutors because they will help you to access and research a wide range of open-source information. This will include: videos, websites, specialist books, journals, manuals, news articles, guidence, InternationalStandards and legal revisions, as well as much other relevant material.

Our programmes are exciting: unlike most other ‘Cyber Security’ courses, they match theory with practice. They cover non-technical security considerations. They are business focused. They share the real story of cyber insecurity with you.