Identifying & Mitigating the Effects of Terrorism

About The Course

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Basic-to-Intermediate, providing career and academic progression within the security and risk management arena. Open enrolment – enrol any time or place. Click and Start … learners don’t have to wait! Tutors all with senior, frontline counter-terrorism practitioner experience.

What Do Our Experts Cover?

Section 1:

What is malicious ‘Hacking’ and why is it so important?

Section 2:

Methods of attack and how to tell we’ve been hacked

Section 3:

Laws and regulations (including EU GDPR)

Section 4:

Securing your mobile devices and IoT

Section 5:

Future-proofing. 10 simple steps to stay safer on-line

Our course provides some fun and alarming video, audio, case studies, as well as our 10 top tips for your cyber defences … these are really easy, even for non-techies!

We’re up to date too.
We review the 2017 ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack. How does it hit? Who did it impact?

We also provide the basics for companies and institutions who are planning for the huge EU General Data Protection Regulation, entering into force in 2018. The bad news is that firms will need a whole lot more data training from us on that!