Advisory Council

The Global Cyber Academy holds a dedicated advisory council to advise it on issues.

Our International Advisory Council brings together some of the world’s most experienced cyber security and business resilience practitioners and policy-makers. Council members serve in a voluntary capacity for two-year terms from March 2018. The Council meets twice per year at locations drawn from our global network of cyber college campuses. If your country is not represented, and/or your organisation wishes to apply to join our Advisory Council and College Network, please state your case via a formal correspondence to the serving Secretary to the Advisory Council, via our contacts link.

Samuel Asante-Nnuro

Dr Indrachapa Bandara

Tony Bennett

Richard Bingley

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Ray Brogden

Rich Cooper

Simon Chan

Paul Edon

David Evans

Dr Sainey Faye

Nick Harris

Communications Consultant, Videographer & Press Officer

Carolyn Harrison

Wayne Harrop

Geoffrey Hudson-Searle

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Dr Nicole Lipkin

Dr Lola Martins

Graeme McGowan

David Olive

Mike O’Neill

Professor Dr Selvaraj Oyyan Pillay

Susanna Toth

Bruce Wynn OBE

Andy Williams