A rising tide of dependency upon the internet, is helping to fuel profound social instability, a World Economic Forum (WEF) report has recorded.

Richard Bingley, CEO of the UK Global Cyber Academy, said:

“The 2020 WEF Global Risks Report is always a well-received and respected annual report among security professionals. This year’s report is a really useful tool for major institutions and influencers to begin to understand that the cyber domain is not all positive and that threats to our future prosperity and ways of life are real and substantive.”

Richard added:

“Post Covid-19, much more than half the planet is now online. Certainly, these 3.5 billion users’ have benefitted in many ways from internetworking. But we are now moving into an era whereby personal security, privacy and dignity is under alarming threat levels.”

Assessing the potential to mitigate the risk, Richard said:

“We still have a window of opportunity to address our national and societal vulnerabilities, but this is narrowing. Covid-19 has distracted governments into ineffective mass monitoring, whereby public and private sector organisations really should be much more intelligence-led and focused upon clear and present and emerging threats. A balanced education about the cyber domain is as essential for society’s health and wellbeing as driving lessons are for driving a motor vehicle. Governments really urgently need to shift away from monitoring mode, which leaves us all exposed to malicious hackers, back in to supporting balanced and independent education delivered by subject matter experts.”

Cyber Security Recruitment: Why Work in Cyber Sec?

• The average annual wage for Cyber Security jobs is £72,000 (up16%)*
• Cyber Security ranks 17th out of 100 for top jobs in the U.S. and even higher in many advanced job markets
• By 2020, cyber-crime will cost more than $2trillion to the global economy. (That’s equivalent to the GDP of the UK!)
• Cyber Security job numbers are expected to grow by at least 20%
• Internet users have risen from 700 million (year 2000) to more than 3.5 billion
• 50 Billion devices will be internet-enabled by 2020. Most are highly insecure.
• The Cyber Security sector is worth more than $100bn

*Source: https://www.cwjobs.co.uk/salary-checker/average-cyber-security-salary

Richard Bingley’s Books:

Security Consultant’s Handbook (2015) IT Governance Press
Just the Facts: Terrorism (2003) Heinemann Education
Just the Facts: Arms Trade (2002) Heinemann Education

The World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2020 can be accessed at: