It’s clear to most that Elon Musk has revolutionised every sector he’s entered. So, I thought it would be nice to pay homage to that through this article. Many do not know this, but in 1999 Elon created an online financial services/payments company called This was later rebranded into what we now know today as PayPal. PayPal has revolutionised how the modern world thinks regarding money transfer over the internet. The aim was clear from the beginning, a simple, secure, era defining money transfer platform. And he certainly did that!

Once PayPal had been sold to eBay back in 2002, Musk went on to launch his third company, SpaceX and once again all the same words can be used … era-defining, revolutionary, the list goes on. This US based private company is now so large its main competitors are governmental space programmes such as NASA! Continuing in the path of making space travel easier, Elon’s plans do not end at sending supplies up to the ISS … no, he has plans to put another man on the moon, and to put men on Mars.

In a recent interview Mr Musk said that his new Starship could send men to the moon in just five years, and that it would be ‘possible’ to build a city on Mars by 2050! Interviews with Elon Musk are always interesting and packed full of bizarre, yet awesome statements. Some may call him a dreamer, yet unlike dreamers, he tends to achieve these ludicrously hard tasks.

But … there can’t be an Elon Musk article without touching on Tesla. Elon founded Tesla Motors in 2010, and in nine short years, Tesla have developed a genuinely useful electric car for the same price as a base Audi A3! Good for hundreds of miles on a single charge means that, for the first time ever, people can actually use an electric car without hindrance! But the breakthroughs don’t end at low price-point electric cars, Tesla currently holds the 0-60 world record for road legal cars. The Tesla Roadster can hit 60mph in an eye watering 1.9 seconds, and can do the quarter mile faster than my little Fiesta can get to 50mph! To top all that off, the top speed of this thing is currently marketed at 250mph+, meaning they don’t actually know how fast it can go, and if driven sensibly you can squeeze 620 miles out of one charge. That could take you from Rome to Geneva on a single charge!

Now, finally, it’s time to take a look at The Boring Company, but boring is probably the last word I’d use to describe it. The Boring Company aims to make travel warp speed! And to be quite honest, that’s not even much of an exaggeration. They aim to use tunnels by way of transportation, similar to that of the TfL tube system, but so much better. The Boring Company offers two forms of this, The Loop and The Hyperloop. Loop and Hyperloop are similar, with the major difference being that Hyperloop draws a vacuum inside the tube to eliminate air friction. Loop is used for shorter routes, when there is no technical need to eliminate air friction. The loop plan connecting .D.C. to Maryland could see compatible cars go at 155mph and thats not even the Hyperloop. Cool eh? Musk states that the Hyperloop could reach speeds of up to 760mph. If Hyperloop was laid from San Fransisco to New York as the crow flies, you could do the journey in around three and a half hours! Quite a difference from the current road time of 43 hrs.

So … Elon wanted a safe payment method, so he created PayPal.

He wanted a revolutionary electric car, so he founded Tesla.

He wanted to go to space, so he created SpaceX.

He wanted faster transportation, so he created the Hyperloop.

Elon does not complain about how bad the world is, he changes it.