Students across London’s campuses are struggling. It’s too darn hot!

At the same time, our London-based Global Cyber Academy has just launched our unique Level 3 and 4 Online Diplomas live from our London CSOC campus, with exciting videos, audio and real-world cyber risk management exercises.

Chief Executive Richard Bingley said:

“Come rain or shine, it really doesn’t matter for our students. Most are working executives based around the world. This month’s cohort are from Kuwait, Bangalore, and … yes … lovely London. But they can log on and learn whatever the weather, and wherever the time-zone. In fact, it’s a good way to force yourself indoors and to focus!”

Some students enrolling for next month’s Diploma programmes are armed forces personnel and law-enforcement officers who are taking advantage of the Global Cyber Academy’s #ProjectThankyou fee reductions for public servants.

Our Level 3 Cyber Security Diplomas (24 weeks online) – is designed for upskilling non-technical, or semi-technical executives and officers – enrol on the first Tuesday of every month. It’s also designed to teach the techies about ‘security’ and data risk.

The modules include:

  1. Threat and Risk: Expecting the Unexpected– case studies and leadership in cyber security/insecurity
  2. Network Architecture: Communications and Protocols– how networks and the web works and why it’s at risk
  3. Mobile Data and IoT– protecting mobile devices and the Internet of Things
  4. Investigations and Incident Response– how to form a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and what to do in a major incident; how to ethically test and conduct security audits
  5. Solutions:Future-Proofing Your Business – how might technology evolve and how to deploy underpinning cyber security principles and tools
  6. EU GDPR and Data Security – core data security laws and case studies in data breaches and prevention techniques

Our semi-technical course, a Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security enrols the third Tuesday of every month.

“It’s our own version of Patch Tuesday,” said Richard.

We wish our new cohorts well as they embark upon their courses.