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#1Cyber Security Education Demand
CSO Online reports that firm ESG conducted their latest annual survey (2018) of 620 IT and cybersecurity professional across all industries.
ESG asked respondents to identify areas in which they have a skills deficit. Some 51% of 2018 survey respondents say cyber security represents the biggest area where their organisations have a “problematic shortage” of skills.
Here’s the recent data:
2014: 23 percent of respondents claimed their organisation had a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills
2016: 46 percent of respondents claimed their organisation had a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills
2018: 51 percent of respondents claimed their organisation had a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills (1).

Importance of #HigherEducation
If ever you wondered the value of a University Degree in terms of your advance into Cyber, please read the following! The SANS Institute, a prominent US research body, reported that formal education continues to be an important consideration for gaining an IT management role. Slightly more than 75% of all respondents have at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), with 30% having a Master’s degree, MBA, or higher. Likewise, Burning Glass Technologies’ Report on the Growth of Cybersecurity Jobs mirrors’ these findings. Some 84% of cybersecurity job postings require applicants to hold at least a bachelor’s degree (2).
Time perhaps to sign up to our Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas that map to UK University final year Degree programmes?

Importance of Fingertip Education: #Asia
Our Academy is really keen to help international colleges and companies become much more cyber skilled. That’s why our British-accredited courses are run on a Learner Management System suited for portable devices and ambitious lifestyles, wherever you are located in our digital world!
According to India’s telecom regulator, there are over 1 billion mobile phone users in the country, including approximately 300 million smartphones users. Some 300 million are expected to move from 2G to 4/5G smartphones by 2021, bringing the total number of smartphone users to 600 million+. According to research by KPMG and Google, over 900 million people in India don’t have internet access. Whilst some 80% access the internet through their phone (KPMG and Google, 2017). By 2018, India’s Express newspaper estimated that India had become the world’s second largest smartphone user-market; only behind China in volume.
High-quality education, delivered to your smartphone, is no longer a pipe dream!

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CSO Online (2018) Research Suggests Cyber Security Skills Shortage Getting Worse
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