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GCA’s Mission

Our mission is to explain technology. Clearly and simply. To deliver world-leading, accessible, formal and exciting education programmes to our galactic community of learners.

GCA’s Vision

We aim to change lives by vastly improving digital literacy, by making cyber tech learning exciting, and by greatly improving existing, formal technical education offers. We are not a training company. But we are a UK-based business education academy. Training is temporary, but high-quality education lasts forever.

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  • The average annual wage for Cyber Security jobs is £72,000 (up16%)*
  • By 2019, cyber-crime will cost $2trillion to the global economy
  • Cyber Security job numbers are expected to grow by at least 20%
  • 50 Billion devices will be internet-enabled by 2020
  • The Cyber Security sector is worth more than $100bn

Richard Bingley in Conversation with Graeme McGowan

A ‘cyber academy’ has launched #ProjectThankYou in an effort to make the UK more cyber resilient.

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Our Events are informative and more than effective in educating on Cyber Security issues. See more. 

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Cyber Security Summer School

Our Events

About the summer school

Our Events are informative and more than effective in educating on Cyber Security issues. See more. 

UK PM Promises Centre Data Ethics & Innovation

"My Lord Mayor, My Late Lord Mayor, Your Grace, My Lord Chancellor, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Chief Commoner, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend our country came together to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice. Gathering around memorials...
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Young Netizens Annual Essay Contest: Should Facebook be Shut Down?

The Global Cyber Academy is offering an exciting writing opportunity for those aged 16 and under! "Should Facebook be shut down?", allows for plenty of scope to discuss Facebook as a social media platform, it's influence in the 21st century, and it's expanding and...
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H-Net Translation, a UK-Hungarian company who originally set out to improve the language competences of the armed forces in Hungary, assisting NATO officers with their language needs, and then grew into an international organisation, now work with around 31 languages,...
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London’s Indian Summer: No Excuse to Skip Cyber Education!

Students across London’s campuses are struggling. It’s too darn hot! At the same time, our London-based Global Cyber Academy has just launched our unique Level 3 and 4 Online Diplomas live from our London CSOC campus, with exciting videos, audio and real-world cyber...
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#ProjectThankYou – Police, Blue Lights, Armed Forces and Veterans Get Bulk 40% Fee Reductions for Cyber Sec Diplomas

The UK’s first business Academy for cyber and tech security has launched #ProjectThankYou in a bid to make the UK more cyber resilient. The London-based Global Cyber Academy, the first in the UK to deliver formal accredited, online Diploma education to working-adult...
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Are You Being Tracked? The Right Buttons to Push for Smartphone Security

Recent research tells us that some 68 percent of information systems workers are using their own smart phones, and 69 percent are bringing their own tablets to work (Forrester Annual Survey: 2017). Goodness knows what the stats must be for wider society! Top mobile...
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#30MinutesSelfie – Our Top Ten steps to keep your mobile devices more secure

With the 2018 World Cup under way, and EU GDPR now in force, we’d like to share our students’ Top Ten mobile device prevention tips with our GCA readers. Our advice ends with our famous #30MinutesSelfie – book half an hour in your smartphone calendar, uninterrupted,...
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“Game-Changer”: EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) Education Launched by Global Cyber Academy and Qualifi

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces heavy fines for companies and organisations that lose data or don’t take sensible precautions, such as encrypting their customers’ personal data. Mirror legislation for personal data protection...
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